Camo Line Evo Level Chair

Designed in the same way as the bed chair of the same name, this level chair has been developed to meet the expectations of demanding carp anglers looking for a comfortable and versatile level chair.

Made around a reinforced steel frame, it is equipped with a new comfortable bi-material mattress made from a thick new structured neoprene on the central part.

The presence of armrests gives it a higher level of comfort compared to a standard level chair, which is appreciable during long periods of waiting on the bank or just when you eat.

The armrests have a removable neoprene cover to ensure maximum comfort.

In addition to this, an oversized central elastic provides firm seating and its very high seat height compared to most level chairs available on the market will delight the tallest of you.

Its four adjustable feet with mudguard will guarantee you an adaptability to all tests and safety pins that equip it to eliminate the risk of inadvertent folding and ensure your seat.

  • Robust reinforced steel frame
  • Exclusive camouflage color
  • Backrest adjustment knob
  • Ergonomic two-tone mattress
  • Quilted back and seat
  • 4 adjustable feet equipped with mud cups
  • Made of 600D polyester and structured neoprene last generation
  • Anti-fold pins
  • Armrests with removable neoprene cover
  • Firm seating
  • Oversized elastic
  • Overall dimensions : 78cm x 60cm x 20cm

Dimensions : 55cm (width) x 60cm (seat) x 60cm (backrest) x 40/50cm (seat height) – Weight : 7.450kg

Comfortable armrests

Adjustment knobs

Anti-fold pins

New thick structured neoprene

Removable neoprene cover (Velcro) on the armrests

Oversized elastic

Adjustable feet with mud cups