Carp Design Camo Line Fast Fishing Combo

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Carp Design Whisper Camo Line 1 man Bivvy

Designed to limit its footprint, the Whisper Camo Line bivvy will delight mobile anglers and “light fishing” lovers!

Indeed, thanks to its original design and its quick opening system “Flacon System”, the Whisper is a model extremely fast to assemble and it is not necessary to fix pegs. Carp anglers who practice  “street fishing” will appreciate, especially during installation on concrete docks for example.

With this model, we want to bring to the Carp Design bivvy range a technical model offering the essentials.

Presentation with plain flap on the window

Made from a 420D canvas with an exclusive camouflage pattern and with a hydrostatic head of 5000mm, the Whisper is delivered complete with a “cap”-type overwrap that eliminates condensation problems inside the bivvy, Heavy Duty reinforced floor mat, a set of pegs and two storm poles that give it increased stability in high winds.

The presence of two large rear windows and a large door with mosquito net promotes air circulation, which will be appreciated in summer. Its removable front panel will allow you to turn your bivvy into a shelter while enjoying a panoramic view of your swim.

Presentation with the window mosquito net

The door with double way zipper allows a “mailbox” type opening. The latter is equipped with a full flap, a transparent window and a mosquito net for increased versatility.

The loops of the poles are all made of “mesh” to promote drying and many tensioning straps with fastening clip allow to stretch the cap effectively during installation.

The Whisper Camo Line 1 place is a model of great versatility that allows carp anglers to acquire a technical bivvy, powerful and discreet without breaking their piggy bank.

Large rear windows equipped with mosquito net

  • Made in 420D canvas
  • Exclusive camouflage pattern
  • Ultra fast assembly
  • Quick opening system “Falcon”
  • Hydrostatic head 5000mm
  • Thermo-welded seams
  • Door and windows equipped with a full flap and a mosquito net
  • Reinforced attachment points
  • Supplied with two storm masts
  • Heavy Duty floor mats (Velcro fastening)
  • Removable front panel
  • Mesh roll loops for quick drying
  • Overall dimensions : 115cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Cap-type overwrap provided
  • Comes complete with a reinforced peg set and a carrying bag

Dimensions : 250cm x 200cm x 110cm – Weight : 9.5kg (full pack)

Opening of the door possible in “mailbox” style

Removable front panel

Presentation with the transparent window

Full flaps on the back windows

Mesh loops for quick drying

Full roll-up of rear windows flaps

Protection on the front of the cap and bivvy allowing the rain to flow backwards

Quick opening “Falcon System”

Large rear windows provide good ventilation

“Heavy Duty” reinforced groundsheet

Adjustable tension straps to adjust the overwrap

Clips on the top of the door to wrap the full flap or the clear window

Adjustable storm poles supplied

Strap to adjust the tension of the canvas

Carp Design logo

Carp Design Camo Line Evo 6 legs Bed Chair

With a weight just over 10 kilos and a thick mattress with lumbar support, the Camo Line Evo bed chair will quickly meet the expectations of discerning carp anglers looking for a comfortable and versatile bed chair.

Made around a reinforced steel frame, it is equipped with 6 adjustable feet with anti-mud cup and a new comfortable bi-material mattress made from a new thick structured neoprene on the central part. 

Robust reinforced steel frame

Unlike the “classic” bed-chair, which has elastics all around, the Camo Line Evo only has elastics on the back and feet. Indeed, in order to give the bed chair a firm but comfortable lumbar support, we added cross straps under the mattress to avoid the problems of depression that are causing back pain.

In order to provide you with a comfortable and comfortable bed-chair, the Green Line Evo has been hinged to replace the adjustment knobs to achieve a completely flat mattress at home, which also makes it easier to fold up. your bed chair if you leave your sleeping bag on it!

It also has a neoprene pillow and the presence of safety pins can eliminate the risk of inadvertent foot folding. 

New structured thick neoprene on the central part

  • Exclusive camouflage pattern
  • Robust reinforced steel frame
  • Made of 600D polyester and structured neoprene
  • 6 adjustable feet equipped with mud cups
  • Built-in neoprene pillow
  • Cross reinforcement tape for optimal lumbar support
  • Anti-fold pins
  • Hinge providing a completely flat mattress
  • Oversized elastics at the ends
  • Mattress parts reinforced under hinges
  • Strap with clip to hold folded bed chair
  • Overall dimensions : 87cm x 87cm x 30cm

Dimensions : 205cm x 90cm x 40/50cm – Weight : 10.5kg 

Mattress parts reinforced under hinges

Anti-fold pins

Rubberized Carp Design logo

Carp Design Camo Line Evo 5 seasons Sleeping Bag

Carp anglers fishing in all seasons know the importance of having a down that is warm enough to sleep properly when the thermometer drops below the 0 ° C mark!

With Carp Design range, you’re sure to make the right choice if you’re looking for a true 5-season sleeping bag.

Benefiting from a thick filling made up of Hollow Fiber Plus hollow fibers with silicone treatment to keep the shape of the down, it will allow you to face serenely the most difficult conditions.

It has an integrated pillow, has 2 anti-cold flaps to limit heat loss at the shoulders and two oversized zippers allow a quick release on both sides, whatever the direction in which is positioned your bed chair.

To ensure a perfect fit on your bed chair, it has two pockets to attach to the ends of your bed chair and an adjustable central strap.

  • Thermal amplitude: + 15 ° C / -15 ° C
  • Exclusive camouflage pattern
  • Hollow Fiber Plus Hollow Fibers
  • Anti-cold flaps
  • Double over-sized zipper
  • Integrated pillow
  • Hood with drawstring to hold the pillow in place
  • Central fixation strap
  • End fastening pockets
  • Comes in a sturdy carrying bag
  • Overall dimensions: 60cm x Ø40cm

Dimensions : 200cm x 100cm – Weight : 5.3kg