Carp Design Green Line 4 pieces No Kill Pack

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Carp Design Easy Weight Tripod

The moment of weighing is never easy because after a hard fight, the arms are often paralyzed and it is not always obvious to accurately weigh a fish.

In order to remedy this problem but also to avoid damaging the fish, we designed the Easy Weight, a tripod that is simple, space-saving but extremely effective.

It has 3 adjustable feet in length and a head with a hook that will allow you to hang your scale.

  • Made of aluminum
  • Dark green color
  • Delivered with a transport bag
  • Adjustable feet length from 116cm to 212cm
  • Size: 18cm x 133cm
  • Weight: 1.870kg

Adjustable feet length from 116cm to 212cm

Made of aluminium

Supplied with its transport bag

Carp Design 42 ” 2-parts handle Deluxe Landing Net

An essential element for keeping our favorite fish dry, the net must be light, practical, reliable and robust.

Equipped with 42 ” (107cm) arms and a high modulus carbon handle, this model is likely to make the high-end landing nets currently available on the market pale!

Its ultra-thin 180cm (19mm heel diameter) handle made of two elements offers a small footprint and makes it easier to fish for fish if you fight from a boat.

Its dark green net has large mesh to reduce the water resistance when putting the landing net, while being thin enough not to damage the fish.

The very thin yet robust spreader block is machined from a premium piece of stainless steel while the high modulus carbon arms have a stainless steel reinforcement to be securely held in the head block and thus guarantee increased robustness.

The set offers perfect balance, high rigidity and high tensile strength.

  • 2-part sleeve
  • 42 “arms (107cm)
  • Robust handle and arms in high modulus carbon
  • Machined stainless steel head
  • Fish-friendly net
  • Total length of the handle: 180cm
  • Stainless steel reinforcement at the base of arms
  • Ultra light: 0.790Kg
  • “Carbon Finish” finish
  • Comes in a storage bag

Machined stainless steel head

Robust handle and arms in high modulus carbon

Comes in a storage bag

CCarp Edge Unhooking Mat

Thanks to its edges and its thick padding, the Edge unhooking mat guarantees optimal protection.

Despite its size it folds and stores easily so you do not clutter during transport or storage and its small pocket will allow you to store a small scale or antiseptic.

It has a full flap with Velcro fastener that will allow you to secure and calm the fish if you are alone and you must quickly move away from the mattress to find your scale or camera.

It is really an unhooking mat designed with the idea of ​​ensuring maximum safety for fish.

  • Very thick foam padding
  • 210D nylon with PVC coating
  • Pocket for peson or antiseptic
  • Green pattern
  • High ledges to prevent fish from slipping
  • Its bowl shape helps keep water inside
  • Full flap with Velcro fastener
  • Carry handles
  • Angle attachment points
  • Overall dimensions : 55cm x 70cm x 16cm

Dimensions : 110cm x 70cm x 8cm 

Foldable for easy storage and transport

Pocket for weight scale or antiseptic

Very thick foam padding and carry handles

Full flap with Velcro fastener

Carp Design Green Line Floating Weigh Sling

The green line floating weigh sling combines the advantages of a weigh bag with those of a traditional storage bag.

Made from a soft nylon and a “Fish Friendly” mesh of dark color that filters the water and maximizes the tranquility of your fish, it is equipped with floats along the length that allows it to maintain the fish in surface during his captivity.

The Green Line weighing bag has a large zipper along the entire length of the bag to ensure easy fish bagging.

It is designed in such a way that water exchange takes place between the bag and the outside to allow optimal oxygenation of the fish, especially in hot weather.

To make it easier for you to find the bag during the night, it is a function of reflective strips that allows you to locate it with the beam of a lamp.

  • Double handles at each part for secure handling
  • Seams on all pressure points
  • Drain mesh allows fast evacuation of water for accurate weighing
  • 3m of rope with float
  • No fixing screws for spades
  • Locking system of the zipper
  • System stiffeners to keep the bag well apart
  • Presence of reflective strips on the floats
  • Weighing straps with stainless steel rings
  • Delivered in a transport bag

Dimension : 123cm x 45cm x 30cm