Carp Design Smart Pod 3 rods

The Smart Pod has been designed to meet the needs of carp anglers looking for a lightweight, space-saving product with a clean, simple style.

Its design offers great versatility thanks to the presence of 6 adjustable spikes (which can be used independently) that will allow you to configure your rod-pod according to your desires.

The presence of 6 spikes maintained by stabilizers will guarantee you a good anchorage to the ground and a great stability.

It will be a great ally for carp anglers who fish remote spots or simply love simple, uncluttered products.

The Smart Pod comes complete with:

  • 3 adjustable GM spikes 30-47cm
  • 3 adjustable PM spikes 24-36cm
  • 2 adjustable stabilisers 30-42cm
  • 1 adjustable central bar 38-60cm
  • 1 transport bag

Dimensions: 40cm x 22cm x 6cm – Weight: 1.1kg

Composed of 6 independently usable banksticks

Adjustable central bar

Ideal for use on a bank or pontoon

Great stability

Stabilizers will guarantee you a good securing to the ground

Adjustable central bar

Logo engraved on the stabilizer

Bankstick head with universal screw thread

Adjustable banksticks

Supplied in a carry bag