Green Line Distance Sticks (x2)

Developments in carp fishing techniques have prompted many anglers to be more and more precise during their fishing trips. With this in mind, we are pleased to present a set of sticks designed to allow you to precisely and easily measure the distance at which you are fishing. The poles are supplied with a 360cm rope with 4 “balls” which will allow you to quickly identify the distance at which Lire la suite →

Carbon Throwing Stick 22mm

Made from a high modulus carbon, the Carp Design throwing stick is much lighter than most boilie sticks on the market. Competitive fishermen or long-distance fishing enthusiasts will appreciate being able to bait with a sustained frequency without having to hurt the arm. Unlike most carbon trhowing sticks on the market, we have a “real” handle EVA foam to ensure optimal grip and comfort during its use.  Thanks to its Lire la suite →