Green Line Aquatex 5 seasons Sleeping Bag

It is impossible to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on the water without a quality duvet. If you want to enjoy the ultimate in comfort, you need to invest wisely in a quality down jacket.

Carp anglers who fish in all seasons know how important it is to have a down that is warm enough to sleep well when the temperature drops below 0°C!

Double layer design

Thanks to its multi-layer design, this duvet offers a real cold barrier. In addition to the outer shell, the duvet has an additional removable and reversible inner lining that allows you to change it to suit the conditions.

This lining is made up of a peach skin fleece lining for the coldest conditions and a smooth polyester lining that offers a temperature compromise between ‘extremely warm’ and ‘very warm’!

Silicone Treated High Gradient Hollow Fibres

Aquatex down is filled with high gradient silicone-treated hollow fibres that allow for more efficient expansion and its panels are off-centre to reduce heat loss.

The outer part of the duvet is made of water-repellent and breathable Aquatex fabric to protect you from moisture if you want to spend nights under the stars.

To facilitate quick openings, we have added a reinforced inner anti-lock piping and an outer piping to limit heat loss along the zips.

Oversized double zip

To ensure a perfect fit on your bed chair, it has two pockets to attach it to the ends of your bed chair and an adjustable central strap.

The Carp Design Aquatex down is designed for carp anglers looking for comfort and warmth and is one of the warmest downs on the market!

Removable and reversible inner duvet

  • Temperature range: +20°C/-20°C
  • Double layer design
  • Removable and reversible inner duvet
  • Aquatex fabric outer shell
  • Silicone treated high gradient hollow fibres
  • Anti-cold piping along the zips
  • Double oversized zip
  • Hood with drawstring to keep pillow in place
  • Central fastening strap
  • Attachment pockets at the ends
  • Supplied in a sturdy carry bag

Dimensions: 50cm x Ø40cm

Dimensions: 200cm x 95cm – Weight: 6.2kg

Anti-cold edge along the zips

Attachment pockets at the ends

Security clip to lock your duvet closed

Central fastening strap

Comes in a sturdy carry bag

Bag with compression strap for a smaller footprint