H-Light Luminous Hangers Set

H-Light are bright hangers that benefit from an excellent level of finish.

They are equipped with an adjustable line clip which ensures an excellent maintenance of the line without risk of damaging it and which guarantees a flawless release during a run.

Ideal for fine fishing in the short and medium distance, they will allow you to detect discreet touches of fish educated or fussy (as is often the case in winter).

Their 24g high visibility head is seen both day and night thanks to the presence of a diode that comes on when the pendulum is connected to the jack 2.5mm for light accessory present on most detectors on the market.

  • Delivered with a quick fastening lug to leave under your detector.
  • Ideal day and night
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Adjustable wire clip
  • Quick fixing bracket
  • Works with most detectors (except Delkim)
  • 2.5mm Jack

2.5mm Jack