KR9000 Reel

Building on the success of the Carp Design GK9000 series of reels and in order to meet strong demand, we are proud to present the latest from Carp Design design offices.

The KR9000 is a high-end model, designed to meet the expectations of demanding carp anglers who are looking for high-performance reels.

With it’s 540g weight, this Long Cast Reel risk of quickly dethroning certain prestigious models! Thanks to its ultra-light computer balanced frame, it offers perfect balance for rods of all lengths.

Its sober and clean design contains reliable and robust mechanics worthy of the most prestigious models. Thanks to its ultra-light, computer-balanced frame, the KR9000 offers a perfect balance to rods of all lengths.

It is equipped with the “Worm Shaft System” ultra-slow oscillation cross-winding system, which allows perfect wire storage to allow you to gain the few meters that make the difference when fishing at great distances.

It has 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, an aluminum spool (+ a spare aluminum spool), an infinite anti-return and a micrometric front brake “Drag Control” which allows to move from a brake in free position to a combat brake very quickly and very accurately.

The ambidextrous handle mounted on the machined aluminum crank offers a comfortable grip and sublimates its devastating look.

Aluminium spool with line clip and line guard system

  • 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Forged aluminum main spool
  • Extra spool made of forged aluminum
  • Stainless steel pins, screws and washers (saltwater compatible)
  • AVS anti-vibrator system
  • Reinforced control wheel
  • Ultra-light, high-strength graphite body
  • Micrometric front brake “Drag Control”
  • Brake power : 16kg !!!
  • Anti-twist and anti-corrosion roller
  • Infinite Anti return
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • Winding with crossed turns
  • Double oscillation “Worm Shaft System”
  • Folding crank in machined aluminum
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Line clip
Technical Information
BearingsRatioTMVCapacitySpool add.Weight
7+14.6:1102cm470m /0.30mm345m / 0.35mm1540g

Anti-twist and anti-corrosion roller

Large Drag Control brake wheel for a good grip

Clean design, sober and neat

CAD Balanced Rotor

Ambidextrous handle

Ergonomic crank clamping screw

Additional aluminium spool

Additional roller