Carp Design Estart 160 EV Army Green Slat Floor Boat

The Estart 160 is a pneumatic boat designed according to rigorous specifications, meeting specific expectations in terms of safety and use.

Made from a 0.7mm PVC based on 1000D polyester Army Green color, it has two independent inflatable tubes with high pressure valves.

Easy to install, handle and transport thanks to its length of 160cm, it remains nonetheless habitable thanks to its optimized interior dimensions. It can be used on small waters as an annex in large lake with its tubes of 36cm in diameter.

The presence of a transom allows it to be easily motorized but also easily attach a support for echo sounder. 

Those who practice the lines setting by boat know that the smaller the boat, the less stable it is!

To overcome this problem, we have expanded it to the maximum to obtain a dimension of 133cm and designed in a form of “traditional” pneumatic (not shaped buoy) to make the same extremely stable when standing up to put the rig or kneeling on the tube during a fight!

It has a sliding bench which will be very useful when browsing with a motor, this will allow you among others to optimize the storage volume if you are carrying buckets full of pellets and boilies.

Because the boat will have to rub against rocks and other debris on the ground, we have provided with reinforcement strips under the side flanges and to ensure additional security, the eStart 160 has a line life all around the upper rim.

Incredibly versatile, it has everything to quickly become a “best-seller”!

  • Marine wooden floor slats
  • Number of battens : 2
  • Black aluminum oars for more discretion
  • Adjustable adjustable bench in marine wood (removable)
  • PVC 0.7mm based on 1000D polyester
  • Color: Army Green
  • Number of airtubes : 2
  • Diameter of the rolls: 36cm
  • Reinforcement band 8cm wide under the side rolls
  • Reinforced transom
  • ISO6185 standard
  • Max load: 230kg
  • Boat not registrable by maritime affairs
  • Comes complete with carrying bag and inflator
  • Repair kit provided

External dimensions : 160cm (length) x 133cm (width) – Weight : 23kg 

Tubes diameter : 36cm

Black color oars for more discretion

Adjustable adjustable bench in marine wood (removable)

Valv cap

Marine wooden floor slats

Reinforcement band 8cm wide under the side rolls