V70 EVO+ Echo GPS Bait Boat

This bait boat is available in Black and Camo versions, with or without echo sounder, and can be equipped with a spreader (optional), this bait dispenser will allow you to bait not under your boat as most of the bait boats on the market do, but 360 degrees around your boat to create a real baiting area.

With its experience in the field of baitboat, Carp Design is proud to unveil its new model, the V70 Evo+.

This boat with a racy look is a true jewel of technology. Equipped with GPS technology, it will allow you to drop off your assembly with great precision day and night thanks to its autopilot system and smart remote control allowing you to record up to 52 GPS points.

The new technologies used for its design will quickly make it a reference in the field. It is equipped with two ultra-quiet high-torque motors combined with lithium batteries that give it a 4-hour battery life.

The presence of a speed controller enables smooth navigation and a continuous change of speed, offering a maximum speed of 90m/min.

Possibility of adding a second battery (not supplied) in the V70 Evo+ bait boat in order to double its autonomy.

Its 2.4GHz anti-interference remote control offers a range of 500m and the integrated LCD screen will allow you to control in real time the state of the boat’s system. This way, you can check the level of batteries, the direction, the depth and the position of the boat. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, its catamaran-type hull will guarantee you an increased robustness and will allow you to face the worst weather conditions.

The V70 has two independent bait traps with a maximum capacity of 3 kg as well as a drop line, all controlled by electromagnets. Lovers of technology and beautiful equipment will be happy to discover the present of a receptacle designed to receive a distributor of baits (sold separately) that will allow you to start 360 degrees around the boat!

This model is equipped with the GODIO echo sounder which will allow you an accurate reading of the background and underwater elements in color directly on your V80 Evo+ remote control.

The range of the WI-FI signal of the echo sounder transmitter is 500m and the maximum depth of use is 73m (minimum 60cm).

The complete GODIO echo sounder will show you the bottom contour, the surface temperature, the visualization of the fish as well as their depth. It has 100 levels of sensitivity adjustment, automatic and manual selection of the depth scale as well as automatic and manual background zoom tracking.

  • Catamaran design
  • High quality ABS technical plastic shell
  • Remote control 2.4GHz anti-interference with Lithium battery (6h autonomy) – charger included
  • 2 individually controlled hatches
  • Independent line with electromagnet
  • Capacity: 2 x 1.5kg
  • Range of 500m (variable depending on conditions)
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours at full power
  • Ultra-quiet high-torque motors
  • Speed 90m/min
  • Integrated depth meter with remote control reading
  • Integrated GPS with remote control reading (52 waypoints)
  • Autopilot function
  • Bait Dispenser Slot (sold separately)
  • x2 11.1V/13amp Lithium battery (supplied)
  • Battery charger (on mains or in the boat)
  • Integrated GODIO echo sounder
  • Echo sounder signal range: 500m
  • Minimum/maximum depth of use: 0.60m/73m

Dimensions: 65cm x 37cm x 25cm – Net weight (excluding batteries): 4.5kg

Independent line with electromagnet

ON/OFF button detail / Bait Dispenser Power Supply (available separately)

Ultra-quiet high-torque motors

Removable Hatch Separator

2 independent doors with electromagnet

Three-blade propeller

Powerful rear lighting for good night visibility

Powerful front light for good night visibility

Door for batteries/ with magnet attachment

Bait Dispenser Slot (sold separately)

Anti-interference Remote control with 500m range

New high-end joysticks for very high precision and increased longevity

Echosounder screen overview (Model equiped with fishfinder only)

Remote control can be attached to a tripod thanks to the screw positioned at the rear

Comes with a Camou carrying bag

Bait Dispenser  Carp Design Bait Boat V70

Here is an accessory that has not finished being talked about and that risks changing the game for users of bait boats!

This innovation will allow you to make the difference against educated fish, accustomed to traditional starter boats!

Only compatible with Carp Design V70 bait boats, this bait dispenser will allow you to prime no longer under your boat as do most bait boats in the market, but at 360 degrees around your boat to create a real seeding zone.

Ultra easy to use, you just need to install it in the base of the boat provided for this purpose, connect it to the dedicated socket and the trick is done!

The remote control of your V70 starter boat will then allow you to activate it remotely but also adjust its rotation speed to allow you to start at the desired distance. Indeed, the higher the rotation speed, the further your baits will be propelled.

Its top cover is equipped with magnet to ensure easy handling and secure fastening. With a capacity of 1 liter, it will allow you to prime with baits up to 18mm in diameter.

The cover opens easily and is locked by electromagnets

Capacity of approximately 1L

Dispenser Detail

Detail of the rotor axis

Support to adapt on your boat V70

Connector detail + rubber insulating ring

The cover opens easily and is locked by electromagnets

Detail Carp Design

Click here to download the user manual